Master Theses

European responses to the ›refugee crisis‹. Interaction of supra-national institutions with national authorities in Italy. Ongoing MA thesis of Hannah Locher, co-supervised together with Timothy Raeymaekers.

Effectiveness of interactive data visualizations for the public. A case study on refugee data. Completed MA thesis of Gordon Bühler, co-supervised together with Arzu Coltekin, Spring 2017.

Bachelor Theses

Geographien urbaner Infrastrukturen. Completed BA thesis of Pascal Steinemann, May 2017.

Geographien globaler und urbaner Logistik. Completed BA thesis of Oliver Grah, May 2017.

Urban Citizenship. Entstehung, Hintergrund und konzeptuelle Anwendung. Completed BA thesis of Christoph Meier, May 2016.

Labor Geographies.  Entwicklung und Herausforderungen des Forschungs- feldes am Beispiel von philippinischen Hausangestellten in Vancouver. Completed BA thesis of Stephany Bigler, May 2013.